Plastic wood solves environmental problems

In recent years, our living environment has been seriously damaged, such as global warming, rising sea level, serious soil loss, reduction of arable land, and decreasing forest resources. A large number of deforestation has become one of the most important environmental problems. A large number of deforestation will cause lack of follow-up resources, serious soil erosion, reduction of green area, destruction of ecological laws, unstable climate change, and environmental pollution caused by burning of tree wastes.


The appearance of plastic wood has greatly solved the environmental problem of a large number of trees being cut down. Kunhong plastic wood product is a new type of green environmental protection material made of polyolefin plastic and cellulose (straw, wood powder, rice bran, etc.) after special treatment. It has the advantages of no decay, no deformation, no fading, pest resistance, good fire resistance, no cracking, no maintenance and so on.


Plastic wood is really environmental protection in all building boards. If we want to solve the environmental problems, we must start from the root. Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment. I hope our environment can be a little better every day. If you need plastic wood, kunhong will provide you with the most satisfactory plastic wood and the best service.