Forest is the main body of the earth's ecology, which plays a key role in maintaining global ecological balance, regulating climate, and conserving soil and water. From the perspective of global development economy, forest destruction is still a serious problem faced by many countries.

At the same time, "white pollution" has become an important topic of global attention, and it is also an important killer that plagues human economic development and affects the global human living environment.

Zhejiang kunhong New Material Co., Ltd., dedicated to the recycling of waste plastics and plant fibers, is a Sino Taiwan joint venture integrating R & D, design, production and sales of a new type of green environmental protection wood plastic composite materials. It is a major model enterprise of national circular economy and resource conservation. The company pursues the material happiness of all employees and restores the harmonious beauty between man and nature For the mission, the company focuses on creating quality and building a new circular ecological economy. The company gathers more than 15 years of elites at home and abroad who have been engaged in the industry for many years and the core technology which has been created and researched with ingenuity. It is also the drafting unit of national and industrial standards. The company is located in Anji County, Zhejiang province (the birthplace of the concept of "green water and green hills is the beautiful scenery of Jinshan and Yinshan") by general secretary Xi Jinping. It has excellent location, convenient transportation, 30 minutes from Hangzhou and 90 minutes' drive from Shanghai.

The registered capital of the company is 7 million US dollars, the first phase plant area is more than 20000 square meters, the investment is more than 5 million US dollars, there are more than 30 automatic production lines, the annual production capacity is more than 20000 tons, and the sales volume is more than 20 million US dollars. At present, the expansion of the second phase of the new plant is under way, covering an area of more than 40000 square meters. The office building and plant area will reach more than 90000 square meters. It is estimated that the investment will reach more than 30 million US dollars. There will be more than 100 automatic production lines. The annual productivity will reach more than 50000 tons, and the sales will reach more than 60 million US dollars.

The company's ecotechwood is a new type of green energy-saving and environment-friendly wood plastic products. It is a new type of composite material which is booming and widely used at home and abroad in recent years. It is a high-tech material which completely replaces solid wood. The product is made of recycled plastic, recycled wood (bamboo) powder and other waste plant fibers through scientific formula, advanced and unique technology and processing. Each ton of wood plastic products produced by the company is equivalent to reducing the pollution of 60000 waste plastic bags and cutting down two 30-year-old eucalyptus trees, saving 80 barrels of oil.

"Ecotechwood" not only has the processing performance of solid wood, but also is better than solid wood: no cracking, no moth, no decay, no formaldehyde, no paint, no maintenance and other advantages; simple installation, convenient construction. Its service life is 5-10 times longer than that of ordinary wood.

Ecotechwood is widely used in any field of solid wood processing: external wall hanging board, decorative wallboard, outdoor floor, guardrail column, arbor, garden fence, balcony guardrail, leisure bench, tree pool, flower rack, flower box, air-conditioning rack, air-conditioning shield, shutter, road signboard, etc. it is the best environmental protection material to replace solid wood; it is also the best environmental protection material Low energy consumption environmental protection products recommended by the state in the 11th Five Year Plan and 12th Five Year Plan. Such as Beijing Olympic Games, South Africa World Cup, Shanghai World Expo, London Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian Games and other major international projects are the best examples.

More than 90% of "ecotechwood" and "ecotechwood" are exported overseas, and they are local famous export enterprises. The products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Mexico, Thailand and Taiwan. The main customers are: Home Depot group, andawu group, B & Q and other world-famous building materials companies. The company has passed the ISO series 3 system certification, EU ROHS, reach, BSCI and other related certification. The products have also passed the certification and testing of many authoritative departments around the world: CE, SGS, Intertek, etc., ensuring the continuous development of the company's products and services and winning high reputation and praise from customers.

"Ecotechwood" and "ecotechwood", as key products of national strategic emerging industries, have been listed in the national industrial structure adjustment Guidance Catalogue for many times. As the leading representative of the industry and vice president of the industry, the company will continue to adhere to its mission, adhere to people-oriented, humble, innovative quality, restore nature, and strive to become a global circular ecological innovation service company as soon as possible!

corporate culture

The company pays attention to the cultivation of high-quality staff, establishes a good corporate image, attaches importance to harmonious labor relations in enterprise management, "people-oriented". The company has established a good mechanism suitable for all kinds of talents. We should respect knowledge and talents through the form of "career retention, mechanism retention and emotion retention", and insist on finding, cultivating and using excellent talents as the foothold of all work of the enterprise. The trade union of the company is responsible for the cultural construction, strengthening the staff training, setting up the staff activity place, and carrying out various forms of staff spare time activities in a planned way. So that employees can work honestly, strive to innovate, get along with each other harmoniously, and form a united and enterprising, positive enterprise atmosphere.


Corporate philosophy:Honest management, scientific management, continuous innovation and keeping pace with the times

Management idea:Production of customer satisfaction products, create a win-win situation

Business management:Scientific management, people-oriented, and jointly build a great cause of harmony

Quality policy:Strengthen management, customer first, careful operation, reputation first, quality-oriented, sustainable development

Development purpose:Quality first, reputation first, user first